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Australia Drought…read more

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Causes of drought
· Less rainfall
· Less water in lakes
· Increased population = more water
needed to support them…read more

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Effects of drought
· Reduced livestock & vegetation
· Cost of living goes up- due to import of
· Bushfires
· Debt-national
· Immigration…read more

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People effected by drought
Murray River provides drinking water,
irrigation for crops, supply food, tourism.
Vegetation is dying all around e.g River Red
gum tree (300 years old) in bad condition.
Wildlife scarce
STUDENT, MILDURA, NSW Wallpolla Island, right next to the Murray
River. Even deepest sections dried up.…read more

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People effected by drought
· Lives in Benalla.
· Main river the Broken River
· Seasonal creeks not flowed for years
· 2006/7 no water creeks/rivers dried up
· Used `grey water' = water collected from
washing machines, the shower, and even
the kitchen sink, to put on gardens
· watering systems in home/gardens to
TEACHER, BENALLA, VICTORIA continue this practice.
· Water is also pumped from the broken
river for farm needs
· Framers downsized their crops/livestock
· Buying grain/stock expensive =food is
expensive…read more


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