Unit 3: Energy Conservation - Domestic Energy

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  • Domestic Energy Conservation
    • Factors affecting the rate of heat loss
      • Temperature gradient - temperature difference between inside and outside
      • Thermal conductivity
      • Loss of warm air
      • Chilling effect caused by wind and rain
    • Space Heating
      • Adding insulating materials prevents heat lost by conduction
        • Each extra layer saves less energy than previous
      • Ventilation prevents condensation and provides fresh air
        • Excessive ventilation causes excess warm air loss
        • Draught-proofing and close fitting doors
        • Heat exchanger ventilates house without losing heat
    • Double/Triple Glazing
      • Trapping air between sheets of glass - reduces convectional air movement
      • Gap too large = increase heat loss (convection current)
    • Water Heating
      • Only heat water when needed
      • Well-insulated tanks
      • Reducing volume of water needed
    • Low Energy Appliances
      • Compact fluorescent lightbulbs
      • Thicker insulation on appliances
      • Automatic lights turn off at higher light levels
    • Reduced Wastage
      • Turning lights off
      • Turning thermostats down
      • Not heating empty rooms
      • Turning appliances off (not standby)
      • Only heat water when needed


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