Unit 3: Energy Consumption

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  • Differences for Per Capita Energy Consumption
    • Affluence
      • Richer people travel and use more heat
      • Richer people buy more goods and appliances
      • Poorer houses take less energy to build
    • Relative Cost of Energy
      • Locally abundant?
      • Easy to extract?
      • Not heavily taxed?
      • If energy is cheap conservation is a lower priority
    • Level of Industry
      • Industrialised countries use more energy
    • Types of Industry
      • Primary industries use more energy
      • Services use the least
    • Social and Environmental Awareness
      • Countries with energy shortages more likely to conserve (cultural traditions)
      • Countries change energy output with availability
      • MEDCs have more available technology to conserve
    • Climate
      • Cold areas require more heating but can be energy-efficient


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