Does the Media Cause Aggression - Research

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  • Does The Media Cause Aggression? - Research
    • Bandura 1963
      • children who were exposed to a TV clip of an actor hitting an inflatable doll were more likely to imitate the action in play than those who hadn't seen the clip.
        • Lack ecological validity
          • it was a lab experiment
    • Eron 1960
      • boys who preferred more violent TV shows at 8 were more likely to to be aggressive as teenagers and have convictions/arrests as adults
        • High validity
          • Correlation study so there was no manipulation
    • Charlton 2000
      • introduction of satellite TV had no effect on aggressive behavior levels
    • Biological Factors
      • hormones e.g. boys have more testosterone
      • Not everyone who witnesses violent behavior imitates it


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