DNA scenes

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  • DNA scenes
    • act 1
      • Street - Mark and Jan
        • discussing death of an unnamed boy - Adam.
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Leahs telling Phil about herself and whats going on whilst Phil is eating an ice cream and not really bothered.
      • Wood - Lou, John Tate and Danny
        • They're discussing the death of the unamed boy (Adam) and whats might happen to them if the police find out whats happened.
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Leah is telling Phil about bonobos and chimps and DNA. Phil isn't really listening.
    • act 2
      • Street
        • Brian refuses to go to police station.
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Leah talks about nature of happiness. has a tupper ware called jerry.
      • Wood - Phil, Leah, Lou and Danny
        • Discussing the post man that they are trying to frame for the death of the unnamed boy (Adam).
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Leah tries to get Phils attention, she has déjà vu.
    • act 3
      • Street - Jan and Mark
        • They turned out to find Adam in the woods.
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Leah starts talking about running away.
      • Wood - Cathy, Brian, Lou, Leah, Phil, Jan and Mark
        • All discussing how Adam is still alive, what happened to him and what they shall do about him now. Cathy kills Adam by putting a bag over his head
      • Field - Leah and Phil
        • Phil talks to Leah and tries to comfort her, Leah runs off.
    • act 4
      • Field - Richard and Phil
        • Richards trying to make Phil feel better. Leah leaving has left Phil lost in himself. Also talking about whats happened to John Tate, Danny, Brian, Cathy, Lou, Jan and Mark.
      • Street - Jan and Mark
        • Discussing how has run away but that person is unamed (Leah).


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