Of mice and men / DNA revision

Everything I need for DNA and Of mice and men for the exam.

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Key points - DNA

Key points -

  • How many points I need to make. (Realitically in 40 mins).
  • Narrow focus on key aspects of character / theme.
  • Make sure im using precise pieces of evidence, which will allow for exploration on the language and structure Kelly uses in the play.
  • REMEMBER: It is a play not a novel. AUDIENCE reaction / STRUCTURE of the play. How scenes are PRESENTED, setting / characters etc.
  • The characters are NOT REAL PEOPLE.
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Key points - Of mice and men

Key points -

  • Treat the sections of the questions as mini - essay. Have a narrow focus and there is only 20 minutes per section so don't write to much. Fewer points instead of loads. 'Less is more'.
  • Focus on Steinbeck's language uses and and what it shows the READER about characters / themes.
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