DNA: Language

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  • DNA: Language
    • Questions
      • Jan and Mark ask each other questions for reassurance.
        • 'Dead?' (One, a street)
          • Stichomythia is also used.
      • Phil uses rhetorical questions to make the gang think about the situation - arrogant, confidence.
        • 'What's more important; one person or everyone?' (Three, a wood)
      • Cathy asks checking questions.
        • 'What plastic bag?' (One, a wood)
      • Leah asks rhetorical questions to Phil in her monologues - trying to seek his approval and get his attention.
        • 'Do you think it's possible to change things?' (Two, a field 2)
      • John Tate asks questions to test the gang's loyalty - shows insecurity.
        • 'Are you on my side?' (One, a wood)
    • Repetition
      • Jan and Mark - repetitive question and answer in first scenes.
      • Leah uses repetition to try to get Phil's attention.
        • 'what is happy, what is happy all about, who says you're supposed to be happy, like we're all supposed to be happy, happy is our natural, and any deviation from that state is seen as a failure' (Two, a field)
      • Lou and Danny don't speak much but often repeat the same thing.
        • 'We're screwed' (Two, a wood)
        • 'this is not Dental college' (One, a wood)
      • Repetitive scene structure: Jan and Mark in a street, Leah and Phil in a field, everyone in a wood, Leah and Phil in a field. Changes in Act 4.
        • Exclusion of the scene in a wood in Act 4 shows the group has disintegrated following the murder of Adam.
      • Adam repeats things through confusion - audience have sympathy for him.
        • 'And I do know my name so you can shut, you can...I live there. It's...mine, I...live...there.' (Three, a wood)
      • Fillers such as 'just' are repeated.
    • Imperatives
      • No other characters use them - followers, lack of confidence and authority.
        • Phil successfully uses them to give the gang orders to follow the plan.
          • 'You have to go in. Or we'll take yo up the grille.' (Two, a wood)
    • Stage Directions
      • Indicate location and who's there: 'A Street. Mark and Jan'.
      • Indicate when actors should 'Pause' and when there should be 'Silence' or 'More silence'.
      • Indicate expression 'They stare at him open mouthed' and delivery '(Gasping...) Phil!'


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