usefulness of animals in lab experiments

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  • Discuss the usefulness of lab experiments that use non-human animals (12)
    • credible
      • when a study has practical use and can be generalised from animals to humans
        • the obesity gene can be used to explain the causes of obesity within humans (a potential genetic link)
    • Ethical
      • moral guidelines which have to be abided by
        • due to sleep deprivation tests 80% of the rats died
    • Practical
      • useful things about a study which have benefits to humans
        • they found that a mutation in a particular gene can lead to obesity. eg rats consumed 80% more food
    • Valid
      • when you measure what you intend to meaure
        • study of the affects of hormones on behaviour of rats injected with oestrogen and testosterone
    • Reliable
      • when the study can/has been repeated to gather similar results
        • due to the standardised procedure the tests on the effects of sleep deprivation can be tested
    • Generalise
      • apply the results to humans
        • a mutation in a particular gene can be used to explain the potential genetic link with obesity in human


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