evaluating methodology of the behaviourist approach

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  • assumption of behaviourist approach- behaviour can be explained interms of operant conditioning.
  • as behaviourists believe that our environment is influenced by our interactions with the enviornment, if we manipulate our behaviour we can establish that cause of certain behaviour.
  • thus, behaviourists use experiments to see if this is true.
  • bandura et al comducted a series of  experiments to support his socail learning theory.
  • in the experiment children were observed, if they acted aggressively towards the bobo doll, if they experienced an adult role model acting aggressively towards bobo.


  • one strength of lab experiments is that they offer an objective means of studying human behaviour.
  • as the experiment will follow set, standardised procedures, this means the experiment can be repeated again (replicated) by others to demonstrate the validity of the findings.
  • another strenghth, is that lab experiments is the only way to stuy causal relationships because extraneous variables can be controlled.
  • HOWEVER, one…


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