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  • Biological A Methodology
    • the BA is nomothetic seeking to make general laws of behaviour.
      • Laboratory Experiments on animals are on of the methods used to achieve this
    • Lab exp on animals provide an objective and scientific approach to understanding behaviour
      • They take place under highly controlled, artificial conditions
        • Where the experimenter manipulates the IV in order to see it's effect one the DV
    • Selyes research on rats led to the GAS.
      • In this lab exp on animals the IV was the stressor (exposureto drugs/excessive exercise)
        • The DV was the rats response
    • One strength of this method is that extraneous variable can be controlled.
      • such as the animals diet and the amount of social interaction they have
      • this is much easier to do with animals then with humans and helps to increase the validity of results
        • such as the animals diet and the amount of social interaction they have
      • As the Extraneous variabls have been controlled a cause and effect relationship can be established between the IV and DV
    • A further strength is that a aide variety of procedures can be used on animals compared to humans
      • For example Selye could not have conducted his experiment on humans as this would have been unethical
        • therefore experiments on animals provide a way to explore research that cannot be conducted on humans
    • however one major weakness of this methods is that there are important difference between animals and humans
      • regarding brain size and structure
      • for example the cortex in much larger in humans relative to our size then in other animals
      • therefore questioning whether such research should be generalised to humans
    • A further weakness relates to the ethical costs of conducting Lab exp on animals
      • For example selyes research on rats caused severe pain and distress to the animals
      • Although sellyes research on rats was unethical it did lead to an understanding of the body's reaction to stress


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