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  • Behaviourist
    • Assumptions
      • No free will-environment determines behaviour
      • behavior is result of a response to a stimulus
      • little difference between learning in animals and in humans
      • psychology should seen as a science- supported by empirical data- only use lab experiments
      • only concerned with what we can observe - observable behaviour can be objectivally and scientifically measured
      • when we are born we are blank slate
      • all behaviour learnt through consequences
    • Strength
      • Uses scientific method, uses experiments,
      • made psychology more scientific
      • very objective, looks at observable behaviour
      • uses animals-applies results to humans when ethics dont allow for human pps
    • Weaknesses
      • Denies free will or choice in behaviour
      • Environmentally deterministic ignores bio
      • experiments-artificial situations low eco valid
      • could be argued animal studies cant b applied to humans humans more complex


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