Different Degrees of Religion

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  • Different Variations of Religions
    • Fundamentalists (Literalists)
      • The Bible is considered to be the direct word of God
      • God dictated the word of the Bible
        • Exact truth
        • Literal text
      • The big bang contradicts creationism, therefore it is wrong
      • All science-based theories are incorrect as they contradict with the Bible - the Bible cannot be changed as it is the truth
    • Non - Literalists
      • The bible was not literally the words of God
      • People should rather interpret the Bible
      • Their personalities are inspired by God
      • Genesis teaches religious ideas that were understandable at the time it was written
      • God is the creator
    • Myth
      • When their is truth within a story
      • It is a religious truth never meant to be scientific or historical
      • Passed through the generations to help people understand Gods role in creation
    • Types of Truth
      • Absolute Truth - what is real & they cannot be changed
        • Fundamental Christians feel that the Bible cannot be changed as it is the truth set in scripture
      • Evolving truth - changes as more information, evidence, & circumstances change
        • Agnostics, Atheists, & non-literalists would be open to this when introduced to different theories & ideaologies


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