Diet Revision Mindmap

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  • Diet Revision MindMap
    • Food Groups
      • Protein
        • Needed for growth and repair of muscle and tissue damage, found in meat, poultry and fish.
      • Carbs
        • Primary source of energy, found in rice, pasta and bread.
      • Fat
        • Secondary source of energy, found in fish, meat, nuts, dairy.
      • Fibre
        • Helps digestive system, breaks down food.
      • Water
        • Keeps you hydrated, 60% of body mass, controls temperature, carries nutrients.
      • Vitamins
        • Builds bones and teeth.
      • Minerals
        • Enables body to work normally.  Found in red meat, fish milk.
    • Unbalanced Diets Diseases.
      • Anorexia
        • Eaing too little. Mental illness.
      • Obesity
        • Extreme overfat condition.
      • Overweight
        • Having more weight than normal amount of fat.
      • Overfat
        • Too much body composition as fat.


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