Geography - Development Routes

A mindmap of development routes in Geography.

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  • Bottom up development
    • Water Aid Projects
      • 50,000 people were helped by Water Aid wells.
      • 80% of diseases contracted in Africa are dirty water based, this project provided fresh, clean water.
      • Diseases contracted included diarrhoea, dysentery, trachoma, typhoid and bilharzias.
    • Looms
      • Inexpensive broad looms increase cloth production without the loss of jobs.
      • An example of intermediate technology.
      • The broad looms are designed and made in Ghana and are built with cheap materials.
      • They are operated by pedal power. The knowledge of how to use them is passed down through the generations and create PME.
    • Small communities make decisions about small, local projects.
      • Small budget avaliable and there is a small impact on the people.
      • The community get what they need.
      • They feel part of the project and this bypasses corrupt government.


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