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Development Gap (A)

Why Some Countries are Richer and More Developed Than Others

Historical Reasons

European MEDC's had a time of prosperity in the 1500's & their populations began to grow. So they went in search of new countries to conquer so they could take their resources & land to support their own wealth. After a few centuries of this many Asian, South American & African LEDC's were left in a poor state. From the 1900's onwards many of the European MEDC's left these LEDC's & they then had to rebuild themselves

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Development Gap (B)

Why Some Countries are Richer and More Developed Than Others

Geographical Reasons

Many MEDC's have mild climates with just the rigjt amount of rainfall & sunshine, this makes them able to grow cropsand other food for themselves. Often these MEDC's have natural resources like coal, oil, gas etc. Also they are often blesssed with well stocked seas around their coast to fish. Also there is often flat land, good soil and a few mountain areas, this all helps make them wealthier. Many LEDC's have had the opposite expierence.

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Development Gap (C)

Reasons Why Some Countries are Richer and More Developed Than Others

Social and Political Reasons

Many LEDC's have had wars & corrupt leaders, this has slowed down their development.

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Types of Aid

Types of Aid:

Many LEDC's need help from other countries in other countries to develop. Normally this comes from overseases governments & they raise the money through taxes. This is OFFICIAL AID.

But LEDC's also get help from charites such as Comic Relief. These organisations raise money from donations from the public. This is VOLUNTARY AID.

Often aid is given in response to an emergency, like a famine or earthquake, when immediate help is needed. As LEDC's need to start providing help straight away. This is SHORT TERM AID.

Other times they need helo over a long period of time to hep build  big projects like dams & hospitals. This is called LONG TERM AID.

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Birth Rates

This is the number of babies born per 1000 people, per year. This is LOW in MEDC's and HIGH in LEDC's. Wealthier countries have more money to spend on better health care for young babies and so babies are less likely to die. But in LEDC's there is little money for health care so more babes die. This is why parents need to have more children.

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Death Rates

This is the number of people that die per 1000 people, per year. This figure is LOW in MEDC's, but HIGH in LEDC's. Again due to better health care and sanitation people are less likely to die at an early age.

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Life Expectancy

The average age to which a person lives. People who live in MEDC's are likely to have a HIGH life expectancy. This due to the higher standards of living including access to a better lifestyle. People in LEDC's have a LOW life expectancy.

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