Development Projects

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  • Development projects
    • Empowerment
      • Development projects give power to minority groups, women and young people
        • Women participate in decision making processes
      • It provides jobs, education and financial support
      • The first ever Maasai government representative was a female through the protection on Maasai land
    • Theories
      • Dependency (Frank)
      • Rostow's ladder
      • Modernization theory (Durkhiem)
    • IGO's (Inter-Governmental Organisations) and NGO's (non-Governmental Organisations)
      • World bank and IMF(IGO's)
        • A United Nations agency created to assist developing nations by loans guaranteed by member governments
      • Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, etc are NGO's
      • Benefits
        • Without fincial aid many projects would have never been developed
        • Introduces established working practices leading to speedy economic development (which furthers the advancement of globalisation)
        • Improved quality of life, gender equality, progress and empowerment
      • Criticisms
        • Time consuming and lengthy
        • May hinder further development as conflicts arise
        • Aid often does not reach those who need it
        • The objective is fulfil NGO's own agenda
        • Encourages homogenisation via globalisation and serving western view of better quality of life, growth and development
    • Benefits/faliures of long-term and short-term projects
      • Short term
        • HOw do the village keep power
        • It is harder to adjust to poverty than missing something you never had


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