development between feb and oct revoltions

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  • Developments between 1917 revolutions- success for bolsheviks?
    • Return of Lenin and April thesis
      • He believed Russian middle class were too weak to carry through w a rev, so the worker backed by peasants needed to
        • he thought Europe seemed close to socialist rev so would support Russia
      • initially many didn't support, they thought it was too soon and radical
        • he gained support through persuasion, compromise, threats of resignation
        • he managed to gain majority party support, by abandoning his call for an immediate rev but struggled to gain wider support
      • 'bread, land, peace'        &         'power to the soviets'
    • July days
      • armed demonstration done by  kronstadt naval base, spread to Petrograd and inc workers and soliders
      • when it turned violent, bolsheviks were blamed
      • prov. gov't sent intros to crush it and mensheviksand SRs supported this
      • bolshevik newspaper shut down, lenin and stalin fled, Trotsky arrested
    • Kornilov coup
      • he orders troop to march on Petrograd, presumablyin an attempt to eat. a military dictatorship
      • kerensky panics and allows the bolsheviks to arm workers to halt kornilov advance
      • due to bolsheviks saving the day, by sept, they had majorities in both the petrograd and moscow soviets. membership had incr. from feb -23000 to oct -200000
    • provisional government failing
      • they had failed to improve food supplies to the cities and prices were far higher than wages
      • war was stilll continuing and summer offensive had failed
      • they had pushed back redistribution of land until consitiuent assembly could be elected
      • kornilov's coup showed revolution was under threat from the right, just as the bolsheviks had warned
      • kerensky weekend by coup as he appointed kornilov and then relied and bolsheviks to suppress it
      • as bolsheviks was only party not involved in pro. gov't they were only party not blamed for it


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