How films teach about faith

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  • Describe how films teach religious believers about their faith, including illustrative examples from at least one film that you have studied
    • Narnia
      • The film Narnia teaches religious believers about their faith, especially children, by retelling the story of Christ in a way that is easy to understand. in the film there are many different types of faiths represented, but ultimately, there are links between Aslan and Christ, and Susan and Lucy with the two Mary's and Edmund representing man and sin, and the White Queen representing Lucifer
        • "I was there when they were written" (Aslan on old laws)
        • "He will rule like a lion. When he roars his sons shall come trembling from the West" (Isaiah 11:10)
        • "The things he loves Aslan for doing or saying are really the things that Jesus did and said" (Lewis)
        • "The serpent deceived me and I ate" (Genesis 3:13)
        • "An unusual blend of Bible, pagan legend, medieval epic, myth and parable" (Tomkins)
      • Synoptic to Metaphysical definitions of religion because it is showing a world outside of the known realm, which is what the likes of William James and Rudolf Otto believe is the definition of religion
      • Links to Irenaeus' theodicy about suffering and evil, suffering is required in the world for humans to develop - like how Aslan's death allows the characters to develop, similar to Jesus' death and the development of Christianity
    • The Adjustment Bureau
      • This film teaches believers about their faith through explaining the ideas of determinism, existentialism and predestination and how God can be merciful. He allows David, the main character to be with the girl he loves, even though originally it wasn't on the set path already decided.
        • Telford says film can be seen through many lenses, and looking at this through Cather Weaver's exegetical view shows how deeper meanings can be discovered.
      • The agency theory fits into this film, because the characters are trapped, but still slightly free to a certain extent.
      • Links to Calvinism and the idea that the lives of Protestants are pre-determined and God has already decided who will go to heaven
    • The Matrix
      • This films shows a mixture of different religions and many the story of Jesus and his sacrifice to the people. Neo's name is an anagram of the one which shows how he is the saviour. there are also places in the Matrix that show how the people can understand their religion, such as Zion being the place where people are able to escape, and the connotations with Mt Zion where Moses received the 10 commandments.
        • "You're my own personal Jesus Christ" (Film Quote)
        • "Film is an illumination of religious meaning" (Cather Weaver)
        • This world links to the idea of Plato's cave, and how the people trapped inside the Matrix accept the reality that they are presented with, just like the people trapped in Plato's cave who saw the shadows as their reality


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