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This section requires candidates to comment upon how the medium film is used as a vehicle.........

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2. Religion in Film
This section requires candidates to comment upon how the medium film is used as a vehicle
for conveying ideas about religion in the way in which it represents faith communities,
expresses thematic and specific religious ideas, and retells religious stories and events to a
contemporary audience. It is anticipated that candidates will have an awareness of the
various critical methodologies used when studying film (i.e. Formalist, realist, Leavisite,
semiotics) as well as the use and application of psychoanalysis, sociology, ethnography and
re-readings. It is not expected that these methodologies will be known in depth and no-part
question will be set on these theories alone. Having an awareness of the way in which they
have influenced our understanding of film will be essential.
It is also anticipated that candidates will have at least a basic understanding of the doctrinal
and pragmatic frameworks of one or more of the world religions referred to in the
specification, so that appropriate links may be made between film and religion in the course
of study. Candidates may relate their work to any of these specified religions.
The films outlined in the specification are suggested exemplars only. Centres may decide
which films are appropriate for their candidates to use in the course of study. It is neither
possible nor desirable to prescribe which films must be studied by individual centres;
appropriate credit will be given to all relevant film references to support examination
Candidates are to be aware of the idea that the experiential dimension of watching a film
links closely with the existential dimension of religious experience and it is here that
comments about the way in which film contributes to our understanding of both religious
belief and practice can best be found (relating directly to religious ideas in film). Exemplars
from films which demonstrate this concept will clearly be useful.
Further, when considering the way in which film portrays (either directly or indirectly)
religious ideas and actions, candidates are expected to consider how far stereotyping within
these incidences is a result of deliberate filmmaker's art compared to unavoidability due to

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Also whether this
stereotyping is necessarily damaging in the way in which it depicts faith communities. These
are specifically issues that relate to both religious identity in film and film as a way of
teaching about religion.
Particularly useful texts for this section are Explorations in Theology and Film (edited by
Marsh, C. & Ortiz, G.) and Religion and Film: An Introduction (Wright, M.J.…read more


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