Deme reform

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  • Deme reform
    • Indirectly removed phratrie who were un-democratic
    • Deme assemblies took democracy to the people
    • Central point for development of radical democracy
    • Dominated by aristocrats who were educated
    • local council
      • demarche served for one year- leader
        • Could become member of the Boule
        • Stopped Tyranny but led to inexperience
          • Gets an extra vote
          • Chosen by demes-men, democratic
            • Working for free so they had to be wealthy
            • Fairer and preferred
      • Place to discuss local political issues
        • Could only attend if you were a male citizen of that deme
          • More xenophobic localisation
          • Prevented movement- effected economy
            • People with best skills can't use them
            • More organised- easier- easier to find people
        • More public involvement and opportunity
    • Changed surnames- more equality and community-
      • Aristocrats unhappy
        • Dictatorial decision, no choice- enforced


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