Political Structure of Athens

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  • Political Structure of Athens
    • Connections
      • Largest single city - coastal
        • Trade with all of Mediterranean
        • Could see if being attacked
        • People from all over the world
          • Cosmopolitan- different types of people
    • Athens facts
      • Slave owning state
      • Head of defensive alliance with various states during Persian invasions
        • Turned into Empire afterwards with Athens at its head
      • Proud Polis - centre of learning, culture for men
      • Territory controlled by Attica
        • Spilt into mini cities (demes)
        • Male citizens belonged to phatry (to maintain citizenship)
    • Structure of the State
      • Polis, Demos, Oikos
      • Too many people - (couldn't afford & only so much land)
        • Xenophobic - didn't want other views to change Athen's way of living


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