Day care as good

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  • Day Care as good
    • Clarke-Stewart et al
      • Peer relationships of 150 children aged 2-3 years
        • Those who experienced good day care= good at coping with social situations
      • Strength of attachment of 18 month old children studied
        • Compared with children who had 10hrs Vs. 30hrs per week
        • Used strange situation
        • Similar attachments
    • Shea
      • Infants aged between 3 and 4 videotapes in playground for the first 10 weeks at nursery
      • Assessed in terms of rough and tumble play, aggression, frequency of peer interaction and distance from teacher and child
      • Peer interaction increased
      • Decrease in agression
      • Increase in sociability was more evident in those that attended day care fore 5 days a week rather than 2 days


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