Cumberbatch & Gauntlett

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  • Cumberbatch & Gauntlett (Content Analysis)
    • A: If TV programmes watched by 10-15 yrs contained smoking, alcohol and drug abuse + how it was treated.
    • P: 10 most frequently watched programmes. 256 programmes shown before 9pm. References tallied, positive, neg or neutral??
    • F: Alcohol = 12ph.  84 % neutral. Smoking = 3.4ph. 91% neutral. Drug abuse = 1.7ph.  75% anti-drug.
    • C: Alcohol is referred to more often in these programmes than soking or drugs. On the whole neutral.
    • G- Only in UK. Different watersheds? 2004 - not up to date?
    • R- Maybe researcher subjectivity, Eg. electronic cig - smoking? However, standardised so could be repeated + inter-rater reliability
    • A: SLT. Desensitized.
    • V: Measuring what is aimed to be measured
    • E - No p.p so can't breach ethical guidelines


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