Culture bias in psychology - Issues and debates

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  • Cultural bias in psychology (
    • Cultural bias Norms and behaviour from one culture are judged from the perspective of another
    • Emic Approach Looks at the constructs of a culture so they vary between cultures
      • Likely to be ignored or mis-interpreted by external researchers; insensitive to local emics
    • Etic Approach Looks at the constructs of a culture that are universal
      • Qualities of one culture are in-appropriately applied to another
    • ethnocentrism The assumption that one ethnic group is superior than all others and that the behaviour of that group is the norm
      • Becomes racism when another culture's traditions and views are disregarded
      • Example Ainsworth's Strange Situation USA is the superior attachment and other cultures (GER/JPN) were irrelevant
      • Example Testing IQ Developed in the West; has embedded assumptions about intelligence, but intelligence varies from culture to culture
    • Cultural relativism Norms and values can only be understood within certain social and cultural contexts
      • Example Mental health diagnosis; symptoms recognised for a disorder vary in each culture; e.g. differences in UK and US DSM
      • However, some researchers may be unable to remove their own cultural beliefs / bias


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