Gender and culture in psychology: Cultural bias

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  • Issues and debates
    • Cultural Bias
      • A tendency to ignore cultural differences, interpreting all phenomena through the lens of one's culture
      • 1992 56'000 of the worlds psychology researchers were American
        • With 94% of Research being carried out in North America in 1991
    • Ethnocentracism
      • Judging a culture based on the standard of your own culture.
        • When extreme it is the belief that your own culture is better than anyone else's
    • Cultural relativism
      • The idea that the norms of a culture can only be meaningful in a specific social and cultural context.
    • Universality and bias
      • Hard to generalise the data that is found in the studies.
        • The data found in the studies is only applicable to the people who chose to participate.
    • Examples of studies
      • Ethnocentrism: Mary Ainsworth Strange situation
      • Universality and bias: Asch, Milgram
      • Cultural relativism: Mary Ainsworth strange situation
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