A2 topics for A-Level psychology (Not incl research methods)

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  • A2 topics
    • Biopsychology
      • The nervous system and endocrine system
      • Neurons and synaptic transmission
      • Localisation of function in the brain
      • Plasticity and functional recovery of the brain after trauma
      • Splir-brain research into hemispheric lateralisation
      • Ways of invesitgating the brain
      • Biological rythems: Circadian rhythms, Infradian and ultradian rythms
      • Endogenous pacemakers and exogenous zeitgebers
    • Issues and debates
      • Gender and culture in psychology: Genderbias, culture bias
      • Free will and determinism
      • The nature-nurture debate
      • Holism and reductionism
      • Idiograpic and nomothetic
      • Ethical implications of research studies and theory
    • Relationships
      • Sexual selection and human reproductive behavuour
      • Factors affecting attraction: Self disclosure, Physical attractiveness, filter theory
      • Theories of romantic releationships: Social exchange theory, equity theory, Rusbult's investment model, Duck;s phase mdoel
      • Virtual relationships in social media
      • Parasocial relationships
    • Schizophrenia
      • Schizophrenia
      • Biological explanations of SCZ
      • Psychological explanations of SCZ
      • Biological therapies for SCZ - Drug therapy
      • Psychological therapies for SCZ
      • The interactionist approach to SCZ
    • Forensic psycholgoy
      • Defining and mesuring crime
      • offender profiling: The top-down approach, The bottom-up approach
      • Biological explanations: Atavistic form, genetic and neural explanations
      • Psychiological explanations: Eysenk's theory, cognitive explanations, differential association theory, psychodynamic explanations
      • Dealing with offending behaviou: Custodial sentencing, behaviour modification in custody
      • Anger management
      • Restorative justice




This mind map is personalised to me, your centre may have chosen different topics to mine so this may not be accurate for you.

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