Cultural Variations - Van Ijzendoorn

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  • Cultural Variations
    • Van Ijzendoorn + Kroonenberg carried out meta-analysis of 32 studies using strange situation in 8 countries with nearly 2000 children
    • Secure attachment was main type in every country
    • Collectivist cultures (e.g. Israeli kibbutz) had higher levels of insecure resistant
      • 30% compared to 3% in UK
    • Germany (individualistic) had higher levels of insecure avoidant - 32%
    • 1.5x as many intra-cultural as inter-cultural differences
    • As secure was most common, they must be innate
      • Variations may be due to upbringing
    • Meta-analysis=more results=more reliablity
      • Small samples sizes used in Japan + China = reduced reliability
    • Jin et al found attachment types in Korea were similar to those in Japan - suggests that similar child-rearing practices=similar outcomes
    • ** technique is culturally biased
      • Japanese children are rarely left with strangers
      • Not all cultures see secure as most desirable (e.g. Germany)


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