Hitler Myth

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  • Cult of Hitler
    • Propaganda
      • Joseph Goebbels
        • Minister for Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment
      • Hitler frequently featured in film/posters
        • 'Triumph of the Will'
      • Nuremberg Rallies were mass worship
    • Need for a Leader
      • German mentality required one leader
      • Previously had the King
      • Hitler represented strong Germany
      • wanted a 'Saviour' rather than a politician
    • 'A man set apart'
      • Rescued Germany from economic depression
        • Kershaw- even more impressive given his appearance
      • Solution to all problems
      • overturned ToV
      • Represented the people
  • Goebbels took advantage of German mentality and promoted Hitler- Nazism synomynous with Hitlerism


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