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Most Nazi Propaganda was effective

  • Hitler Myth/Popular support - appeal to many - 90% German's supported
  • Economy (+) creation of job = popular, STJ increased leisure opportunities (-) STJ People's car not successful/holidays (+) emphasis on rearmament food shortages but tolerated (-) workers least won over by Volksgemeinschaft
  • Media - control radio and newspapers by 34 meant all hostile influences removed
  • Olympics - success - all negative signs removed + Germany won (-) Jesse Owens went against 'blood and soil' ideology (+) overall praise and excellent management of games
  • The War (-) no euphoria when war broke out (+) victories popular (-) allies bombing made harder (-) invasion Soviet Union met with trepidation (-) defeat at Stalingrad defeat as prop stated defeat would never happen (-) 42-43 became less successful when more likely to lose (-) Goebbels himself said not effective (+) portrayal Russian Red Army (-) SD reports showed latter years of war some made open jokes about Hitler
  • Terror - many Germans did not accept regime showed prop not successful/ force used against opponents/ concentration camps in 33/ fear + repression to get rid of TU's/ ** ran Concentration camps where inmates subject to brutal discipline/ Enemies of regime subject to arbitrary arrest, torture, murder + imprisonment
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Appeal of Nazi policies to groups

+ Hitler Myth popular and appealed to many German's
+ Workers improvements (-) TU's crushed - GLF (-) Workers least won over by Volksgemeinschaft
+ Peasants improvements - blood and soil, debts written off, Reich Entailled Farm Law
- Peasants Disadvantages - Reich Entailled Farm Law, migration of workers
+ Youth - many joined Hilter Youth
- Edelweiss Pirates/Swing Youth/White Rose/compulsory Hitler Youth less fun
+ Women (-) experiences varied, mainly concerns on male attitudes
- Church - rocky/ Concordat/Catholics/Protestants/Reich Church/German Faith
+ Landowners - not threatened/early victories offered chance for cheap land
+ Mittlestand - lower middle class - shopkeepers + small businesses, some of biggest supporters - low interest loans, Law to Protect Retail Trade 33 banned opening department stores
+ Army - conscription, younger officers supported Nationalism, NOTLK gained support
+ Industrialists big bussinesses - benefitted - armaments contract + smashing TU's/salaries rose
- Terror meant many did not accept reigme

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Use of radio most effective?

  • Radio - mass ownership few tuned in to (white noise) - other countries banned tuned in
  • Newspapers - editors responsible/ some had to print verbatim
  • Film - effective mass audience political films etc
  • Rallies/Parades + public spectacle - sense power + order, national holidays, mass support
  • Photos and posters - everywhere but effectiveness hard to assess
  • Manipulation of education - indoctrination at young age, teachers trained
  • Music - Jewish composers + Jazz banned, hardest to control, played in privacy of homes, Swing Youth
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Why Nazi's control info and propaganda

  • Terror and repression alone not enable them to consolidate regime
  • Independent newspapers and radio stations could have presented opposition
  • Hitler Myth - portrayal of Hitler
  • Press under Nazi control + responsible for newspapers
  • Radio - under control mass listening assisted through cheap radio /needed support for rearmament/put on everywhere
  • Election March 1933 - Nazi's created fears of Communism, particularly after Reichstag Fire in Feb
  • Olympic Games 1936
  • Education changes to syllabus for indoctrination
  • Hitler Youth membership compulsory in 39 - lectures in ideology etc
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