How successful was Nazi propaganda?

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How successful was Nazi propaganda?


  • It is difficult to assess this because of a lack of conclusive evidence, therefore, as Germany was able to go to war as a united state, we can assume that to all intents and purposes propaganda must have been successful.
  • Goebbels was a gifted propagandist, who made sure that the nazis used the latest technology to spread propagandas message. (I.e. through radio, posters etc...)
  • The nazis had a monopoly of propaganda and imposed censorship effectively, thus the people of Germany were only exposed to nazi propaganda as there was no other alternative.
  • Propaganda, helped to gain more support and acceptance of nazi ideas, by 1939 most people either conformed or accepted the regime. This helped to create the volksgemeinschaft.
  • Propaganda often had a particular appeal to the youth with its images of dynamism and excitement. This helped the nazis to establish themselves amongst the youth of Germany and so indoctrinate from a young age so they would not know any better in the future. This was important to Hitler as he believed that "He who controls the youth, controls the future".
  • Propaganda helped to soften the German population for increased persecution of the Jews. This, again, was a nazi tactic to help unite the people and so establish the volksgemeinschaft.
  • The promotion of the Hitler myth was largely successful, creating an aura and a mystique. The aim of the myth was to portray Hitler as a godlike figure, both to challenge the church and to present him as infallable and even separate from the nazi party. This would exclude him from blame that the nazis recieved. The myth also aimed to portray him as different to the previous, greedy politicians and as a figure who sought to empower the common man. This was to secure conformity to Hitler and to turn Nazism into a quasi-religion.


  • Some groups were more resistant to nazi propaganda than others.
  • The more intellectual were bored by the simplistic repetition and could see through the propaganda messages. Thus were not successful indoctrinated by the nazis through propaganda.
  • Many…



i hated the Nazis even their leader Hitler


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