Cromwell as Lord Protector

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  • Cromwell as Lord Protector
    • First Protectorate Parliament, 1654-55
      • First full elections since 1640 and there were many grievances that had to be aired
      • MPs questioned legality of the Instrument
      • MPs were still usually landed gentry who were very conservative
      • Some of the MPs were from the Rump and angry at their dismissal
      • Dismissal: Parliament was dismissed in Jan 1655 when they asserted that the standing army needed parliament's permission
    • Second Protectorate Parliament, 1656-58 (First session)
      • The elections gain produced MPs that were against Cromwell
        • Cromwell excluded 100 MPs and 50 withdrew in protest - only 250MPs actually sat
      • Problems over taxation
        • A Major-General proposed the continuation of the Decimation Tax
          • It was rejected as the tax was 10% of someone's tax - this brought about the end of the Rule of Major-Generals
      • Problems over Religion
        • Parliament charged Naylor - a Quaker - for blasphemy for re-enacting the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem
          • Usually this would be undertaken by the Lords but they no longer existed
          • Parliament spent time devising how to punish Naylor in very unpleasant ways
            • This alarmed Cromwell who wanted religious tolerance so he prorogued parliament


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