Crime Prevention and Conrtol

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  • Crime Prevention and Control
    • Situational Crime Prevention
      • Clark- reducing opportunities for crime
        • alter the environment to increase the risks and reduce the rewards
          • Target hardening e.g. locking doors, security guards, cctv and re-shaping the envrionment
      • Evaluation
        • May just cause displacement
        • Ignores white-collar crime
        • Over predicts how criminals make cost benefit calculations
    • Social and Community Crime Prevention
      • Deal with the social conditions that create crime
        • Help poverty through full employment strategies
        • Perry Pre school- in Michigan gave an experimental group intellectual enrichment programme= more in employment and fewer arrests
    • Environmental Crime Prevention
      • Wilson and Kelling- signs of disorder that are not dealt with send out a signal that nobody cares, promoting a spiral of decline
        • The solution is to crack down on any disorder through an environmental improvement strategy and zero tolerance policing


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