Realist approach to crime

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  • Realist  theories of crime
    • Right
      • New Right/ Conservative
        • Supportive of functionalism
        • Thatcher
      • Crime is a big problem needing solutions
      • Negative view of human nature; we are born to be egotistical, selfish and need control
        • No control = more selfishness
      • Rational choice theory
      • Status frustration
        • Bad socialisation
      • Crime prevention: eradicate opportunities for crime
    • Left
      • Reformist Socialists
        • Focus on street crime
      • See crime a real problem blaming the circumstance
        • Look at social and economic differences
      • Crime rate cannot be explained as stats are socially construct; focusing on black, male, wc
      • Crime prevention: fix inequality, give jobs, improve housing


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