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  • Crime and Deviance.
    • Deviance - It is behavior that doesn't conform to societies norms and values.
    • Sociological reasons for crime.
      • Socialisation -   Bad parenting, witnessing domestic abuse, alcohol/drug addiction, neglection, abuse, wrong teaching of norms and values.
      • Schools - Peer pressure, bullied, not doing well in school, self fufilling prophecy, truancy, labelling, anti- school subcultures.
      • Media - Copycat behaviour, glamorising crime, copy celebs, social networking sites.
      • Religion - holywars ( people who commit crime due to religion), Rules of your religion can cause you to break rules, (bob marley & weed)
    • Non sociological reasons for crime
      • Biological - Things like genectics, blood and cells and how things such as deformities can influence you to commit a crime or even ADHD can affect someone to commit crimes, but maybe not as serious ones
      • Psychological - These explanations are things like mental illness like bipolar can give you the impulse to commit crimes, to do with your mind, personality. like extrovert(being loud and outgoing) and introvert (being quiet)




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