The Cosmological Argument

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  • Cosmological Argument - Aquinas + Copplestone
    • Posterori - based on evidence
    • 'cosmos' = universe
    • idea of cause and effect
    • Aquinas: must be a first cause (PM) - God started everything
    • Plato and Aristotle
      • Aquinas developed cos argu using Plato's idea (PM)
        • believed natural world provided evidence for God's existence
    • Aquinas' Summa Theologica- 5 ways of proving God's existence
    • Frank Copplestone's cosmos argument
      • concentrated on contingency
      • argued some things don't have to come into existence
      • everything depends on something else for its existence
      • there4 must be cause for all in uni outisde of it = GOD
    • Russels Criticism
      • refused to accept notion of necessary being
      • "the concept of cause is not applicable to the total"
      • thought uni was a brute fact and needed no explanation for its existence
      • the first cause has more to do with purpose than creation (ontological)
    • David Hume's criticism
      • also argued against a first cause for the uni
      • said we have no experience of uni being made so cannot speak meaningfully about it
      • questioned idea that every event has a cause
        • Humans assume this but cannot prove it
          • there4 we make assumptions about cause and effect


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