Cosmological Argument

Cosmological argument

What it is.. For/Against.. Russel vs Coppleston

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What is the Cosmological argument


  • Nothing comes from Nothing
  • The universe exists, so something must of made it- that can only be God.

First Way- Motion

Everything has the potential to change, all change is caused by something, nothing can move of its own accord, there has to be a primemover being God

Second Way- Causation

Has to be a first cause, this being God, Cause & Effect is natural, whatever happens is caused by something else, illogical to say something caused itself.

Third Way- Necessary Being

Everything in our world is contingent, Nothing in our world is permanent, there was possably a time when nothing existed, we know it is not possable for nothing to come from nothing, this is why its is necessary for their to come from something such as God.

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Anthony Kelly

Said that Aquinas' idea that nothing moves itself goes against the idea that humans and animals move them selves.

Though Kenny got the wrong idea because Aquinas mean they cant cause themselves to be in a state of change.

Humans and animals move because of the interia in their bodies.

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David Hume & Russell

David Hume

Says that there cant be a first cause because the eath has been round for eternaty. So there fore there was nothing that needed to create it.


Just because humans have a mother doesnt mean that the earth does (mother = creator)

Russell believed that the universe is here and we shouldnt try and work out how or why.

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Believed that there had to be suffiecent reasons for the universe to exist.

He didnt except that it was uncaused.

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Coppleston VS Russell


Universe is here why question it.  The word 'nessecary' should only be used if it is fact.  If scientists cant find cause in everything- no one can.  The reason for humans flux id due to natural inertia.   Rejects idea of cause and effect


God is his own suffiecent reason..  Recognised that all poeple in the world lack suffiecient reason to exist on their own..  The only being that is sufficent must be the necessary being which is God..  Believed the Russells argument couldnt even be an argument because he isnt even submitting an argument

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