The Cosmological Argument P2


Cosmological Argument Part 2

1) Everything that exists has a cause

2) The Universe exists

3) The Universe has a cause

4) The cause is God

But what caused God?

This is a weakness in Aquinas' theory. It is a circular argument. During the Islamic age, Al-Kindi and Al-Ghazali (islamic scholars) came up with the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

They changed:

  • Everything that begins to exist has a cause
  • The Universe began to exist. (Big Bang Theory: allows possibility)

It still rejects Infinite Regress.

Lane Craig: allowed the theory to become popular.

But what caused God? Since God is eternal, he has no beginning so God has NO cause.

1948: Radio Broadcast has a debate with an atheist philosopher that attracted listeners. (Russell)

Coppleston: Aquinas' 3rd Way - things exist that are contingent, the universe is made entirely


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