Media Conventions of Crime Dramas

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  • Conventions of Crime Dramas
    • Binary Opposites: e.g. Good VS Evil
    • Plot Twist: Thinking its someone when its someone else.
    • Flexi Narrative: Changes in narrative and pace (editing)
    • Sub Plots: Flexi Narrative-Character Relationship.
    • Audience Pleasure: Audience involvment
    • Mise-en-scene: Clothing, mannerism, expressions and actions
    • Camera Shots: Framing, positioning, angles and close ups
    • Eponymous Hero: When the crime drama is named after the main character, e.g. Dexter
    • Verisimilitude: That's what makes it realistic and believable
    • Subverted: When it goes against crime dramas, e.g.  having lots of humour subverts the crime drama genre because they do not usually contain lots of humour
    • Referential Codes: Something that shows when the film/drama was set


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