Types of convenience foods

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  • Convenience Foods
    • Foods that are processed and partly or totally prepared by a food manufacturer
    • Types of Convenience Food
      • Dehydrated
        • Instant foods quickly prepared by reconstituting with water
          • Mashed potato, custard, soups
        • Foods requiring reconstituting and short cooking time
          • soups, main meals, sauces
        • Ingredients requiring addition of extra ingredients and liquid
          • mixes for cake, batter, bread
      • Ready-to-eat
        • sweet
          • cakes, biscuits, fruit pies
        • savoury
          • meat pies, pasties. salads
      • Canned
        • Foods requiring heating
          • pasta or beans in sauce
        • Foods requiring no cooking
          • fish, custard, fruit
        • Foods requiring some cooking
          • vegetables, pies, meat
      • Frozen
        • ready to eat on thawing
          • cold sweets
        • ready to cook
          • sausage rolls, fish fingers
        • cooked and ready to heat
          • fish in sauce, casseroles
      • Cook-chill foods
        • Cooked to destroy food poisoning then quickly chilled
          • fresh pasta meals, curries, fish pies
      • Ready-prepared meals
        • food cooked to destroy food poisoning
          • stored at room temperature
            • main courses, lasagne, bolognese, rice dishes


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