Contemporary Film Reasors

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  • Contemporary Film Articles
    • 3D is not the answer to cinema's problems.
      • James Cameron's Avatar, despite having a script written by Ralph Wiggum, changed all of that. It used 3D as a cinematographic tool – specifically built into the production and integral to its execution. It was impressive. What's followed since, isn't.
    • Argo: Iran May Sue Over 'Unrealistic' Film
      • The gathering, entitled "The Hoax of Hollywood," apparently discussed various legal aspects of filing a lawsuit.
    • The Great Gatsby to open Cannes 2013
      • The fourth adaptation of Fitzgerald's 1925 novel to hit the big screen stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role of Jay Gatsby, Spider-Man's Tobey Maguire as his wide-eyed confidant Nick Carraway and Britain's Carey Mulligan as manipulative socialite Daisy Buchanan.
    • Film to be distributed via games console for first time
      • An independent British film is being released via a digital games console platform, rather than through the cinema or DVDs, for the first time.


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