Unit 1: Increasing the Success of Captive Breeding (Conservation Methods)

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  • Conservation Methods - Increasing the Success of Captive Breeding
    • Cryopreservation - freezing and storing eggs, sperm and embryos
      • Used for future breeding programmes
      • Sperm can be transported and produce offspring across the world
      • Stored sperm can be used after the animal has died
    • Artificial Insemination - semen is collected and artificially inserted into a female
      • Reduces problems and risks of moving animals
    • Embryo Transfer - fertilised eggs or embryos of a rare species is transferred into closely related common species e.g. bongo -> eland
      • Enables more young to be produced per female than through normal breeding
    • Micro-propagation - tissue culture is cultivated to produce individual genetically identical plants
      • Many plants can be produced from a single plant


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