Conscription in WW1

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  • Conscription
    • Lord Derby Scheme of 1915
      • It involved trying to maintain voluntary recruitment and to avoid conscription
    • 35,000 men needed every week
    • Opposition to conscription
    • 1916 - unmarried men faced conscription from January
    • 1916 - conscription for married men (May)
    • Both volunteering and conscription played a part in solving the problems of the government
    • About half the men who joined the army during the First World War were conscripts
    • Exemptions for example on health grounds (applied to munitions industry employment)
      • Exemptions due to men not being fit enough to meet army standards
      • There were far more exemptions than anticiapted and conscription initially produced fewer recruits than volunteering
    • By the end of the war about half the men were volunteers and half were conscripts --> 5.7 million soldiers in total


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