Conformity: Types and Explanations

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  • Conformity
    • Types
      • Internalisation
        • Genuinely accepts group norms.
        • Permanent change.
      • Compliance
        • Going along with others.
        • Superficial change.
      • Identification
        • Publicly change behaviour even if we don't always agree.
    • Explanations
      • ISI
        • Desire to be right.
        • Occurs in ambiguous situations.
        • (S) Research support: Lucas et al (2006) asked students to answer math problems. Conformity was higher for the more difficult questions
      • NSI
        • Desire to be right.
        • Usually occurs in unfamiliar situations.
        • (S) Research support: Asch found Ps gave the wrong answer because they felt self conscious with the confederates.
        • (W) Individual differences: nAffiliatiors are people who have a greater need for social relationships. McGhee and Teevan (1967) found nAffiliators were more likely to conform.
      • (W) Two process approach is oversimplified.


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