4D global politics quotes (Conflict)

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    • Nuclear
      • 9/11 was a horrible even but it does not thretten human life like nuclear wepons do - Hawkin
      • Our nuclear wepons are purely a detterent from nuclear adventure of an adversary - Vajpayee (indian prime minister)
      • Our nuclear arsenal is the most dangerous legacy of the cold war - Obama
      • A world without nuclear wepons would be less stable and more dangerous for all - Thatcher
      • Peace is one condition of survival in this nuclear age - Stephenson
      • All mankind is know learning that these nuclear wepons can only serve to destroy never become benificial - Myrdal
      • The only function of nuclear wepons, while they exist, is to deter a nuclear attack - Rotblat
      • We have to get rid of nuclear wepons - Wald
    • Terrorism
      • Terror is a tactic not an enamy state - Stele
      • A war on terror is a war that can never be won - Steele
      • We have to face the reality that we live in a sociaty where their is a legitamate thret of terrorism - Hillary Clinton
      • one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter - seymour
      • Wanton killing of civillians is terrorism not a war on terrorism - Chompsky
      • Democoracy is neccessery to peace and undermineing terrorism - Benazir Bhutto
      • Terrorism has become the sysematic wepon of war that knows no borders or seldom has a face - Jacues Chirac
      • Democoracy is stronger than terrorism and we will not cower to the terrorists' campaign of fear - Doolittle
      • We cannot solve the problem of terrorism - Williams
      • Anyone with a gun can go out and commit an act of terrorism , even without political affiliation -McGruder
    • Nuclear Terrorism
      • The era of nuclear terrorism has arrived - Liam Fox
      • Nuclear Terrorism is a great thret - IACA
      • the only way for terrorists to acchive bona fide mass destruction would be to use nuclear wepons - Gilmore commission
      • Prolification to terrorist organisations is far more dangerous than prolification to states , even North Korea -Bruton
      • When we think of major threts to national security, the first that comes to mind is nuclear prolification, rouge states and global terrorism- Obama
      • A terrorist with a WMD is my greatest fear - Gates
    • Clash of civilisations- huntington
      • Cultural fault lines
    • Democratic peace thesis - Roussou
    • End of history thesis - Fukuyama
      • End of 'isms'
    • New war - Mary kaldor
      • Gurellia and terror tacticks
      • Teritorry not identity
      • media influence on military
      • Disagerees with clauswiz 'the use of military is to defeat another state'
      • 'The cold war saw the dimise of interstate war in favour of civil strife'


Old Sir


This is not so much a mind map as a series of linked comments from influential political thinkers. It's value to students might be that it can provoke them into further reading in order to be able to discuss the impact of great thinkers and statesmen on global politics. Students might wish to look, for instance, at assessments of people such as Mandela and Gorbachev and contrast with other major world leaders.



This mind map is not very useful when needing evidence/examples/points to backup your essay with. This mind map is just useful to remind someone of the overview of the topics.

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