Computer mindmap homework

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  • Computers
    • Components
      • Motherboard
        • Is the heart of the PC and is the basis of all the components to connect to. Also sends all output data
      • RAM (Random Access Memory)
        • RAM stores all short term memory so that it can get the information when needed whilst doing other calculations
      • CPU (Central processing unit)
        • Processes information and sends it to the correct areas in the PC
      • Video Card
        • A video card is also known as a graphics card. The video card projects the video onto the screen so it is visible
      • Sound chip
        • Takes the information from the motherboard and sends a signal to the speakers to play sound
      • Wireless chip
        • Receives signals from wireless connections
      • Power supply
        • Stores power in the battery whilst also providing power to the computer
      • Hard Drive
        • Stores all of the long term memory so that you can access old saved files
    • Input and output devices
      • Input
      • Output
        • The output sends the message from the input to show the information on a screen
          • An example of this would be the letters showing up on the screen after typing
    • Operating systems
      • An operating system manages all software and gives the PC a platform to run on
        • Examples of OS: MAC OS, Windows, Linux
          • MAC OS
            • Only runs on Apple devices and comes preloaded on all iOS systems
          • Windows
            • The most popular OS in the world, comes preloaded onto most PC's and Laptops
          • Linux
            • Very easy to modify and free which makes it quite personalised
    • Login to a computer
      • Turn on the computer by pressing the power button
        • Then wait for it to load
          • Then type in your password
            • Then do the jobs you wanted to do in the first place
    • Closing down a computer
      • Close down all running systems
        • This is important because it preserves the hardware and ensures it lasts a long time
        • Then click start, shut down and wait for the PC to log off


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