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  • Protocols
    • HTTP
      • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
        • Basic data transfer service
    • HTTPS
      • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
        • Secure data transfer for websites and the internet
    • FTP
      • File Transfer Protocol
        • Rules to help your computer send and receive files
    • POP
      • Post Office Protocol
        • Used to receive emails from a remote server over an ip connection
          • Outlook Uses This Mail Service. This fetches the emails of a server to be accessed.
    • IMAP
      • Internet Message Access Protocol
        • This is how emails get to your account from other users
          • Allows multiple devices to accesses the same account such as Gmail would do.
    • SMTP
      • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
        • This is the most basic way to send and receive emails
          • Used to send emails it goes from server to server.
    • TCP
      • Transmission Control Protocol
        • Streams of octets between applications running on hosts communicating by an IP network
    • IP
      • Internet Protocol
        • Every computer has an individual ip addresses letting things connect to it.
    • DNS
      • Domain Name System
        • Converts what we type into an IP for our computer to recognise.
        • Happens quickly since its built to run at extreme speeds.


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