Secondary Storage Mindmap

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  • Secondary Storage
    • Why does a computer need secondary storage?
      • So that there is a place to store data when the power is turned off
    • Secondary storage needs good...
      • Capacity-How much data that can be stored
      • Speed-How quickly data can be stored and accessed
      • Portability-how easily it can be taken places
      • Durability-how long it will last
      • Reliability-How dependent you can be on the device
    • Optical Storage
      • Easy to transport
      • Usually have a capacity under 1GB
      • Reliable and durable
    • Magnetic Storage
      • Have a large capacity
      • Reliable but not very durable
      • Not very portable
    • Solid State Storage
      • Very reliable and durable
      • Small storage space
      • Very fast storage


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