CS mindmap

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  • Hardware
    • Computers
      • A computer is generally considered a programmable machine or an electronic device which takes in data, processes it and then outputs the result.
      • I/O Devices
        • Input
          • An input device is any device that allows you to send raw data to a computer over some sort of connection to it
          • Examples
            • Mouse
            • Keyboard
            • Webcam
            • Sensors
        • Output
          • An output device is anything that receives data from a computer and then displays it in a way we can understand
          • Examples
            • Monitor
            • Speakers
            • Printer
      • Untitled
    • Buses
      • Data Bus
      • Address Bus
      • Control Bus
    • Registers
      • AC
      • PC
      • MAR
      • MDR
      • CIR


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