Cohen 2005

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  • Cohen 2005 (Interview)
    • R. Structured interviews, same Q's = Standardized
    • G. Large sample. But only Israel + unemployed/divorced/widowed. Social categories may be perceived diff?
    • C: Lack of social support may be factor. Depression should be considered in skin disorders for treatment.
    • F: 37 Major depression. 3 Minor depression. 74 depressive symptoms. Widows/divorced/unemployed more likely to be depressed.
      • Significantly associated with suffering of skin disease and severity of condition
    • P: 384 PP Israel, preattended dermatological clinic. Interviewed to determine prevalance of depression. Structured interview to give diagnosis of depression.
    • A: Investigate link between depression and suffering with skin disorders
    • A: People who have to cope with divorce/bereavement and skin conditions.. support should be given
    • V: Structured in lab conditions. Not used to interviews.BUT specific groups targeted = valid
    • E: Q's may have been depressing


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