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Austism (ASD)

The Characterisitics of Autism:

  • inactivity or hypersystematising
  • poor speech development
  • lack of social imagination- difficulty imagining what will come next.
  • problems with social interaction- problems interacting with others and understanding or expressing emotions.
  • problems with verbal (use of informal language, failure to get jokes) and non-verbal (no eye contact, touch, gesture) communication
  • inappropriate emotional response
  • specialism in certain intellectual tasks (savant syndrome)
  • difficulty in forming relationships

Autism is diagnosed through DSM 4.

There are two explanations to the cause of autism:

1) Theory of mind- Cognitive explanation:

Theory by Baron-Cohen (1997)

  • idea that social problems could be explained by the way a child percieves themselves and others
  • people without autism can understand that others think differently and have different feelings from ourselves
  • Baron-Cohen believed autistic children lacked this. This is called 'mindblindness'

Baron-Cohen (1985) adapted a study to test the theory of mind in 20 autistic children-  The 'Sally-Anne task'

Concluded that autistic children seemed not to have




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